Mierfa Durgas



Lxt's dx thxs thing xlready!

Screen Name


Typing Style

Knxcks oxt randxm vowxls with an "X".



Strife Specibi


Be the Second Canon FantrollEdit

Your name is Mierfa Durgas.

You're a young member of the cerulean caste and you're quite the thrill-seeker. You mostly get your kicks killing exotic monsters during your flarp sessions. While you feel super-triumphant after every victory the monsters you kill probably aren't the highest level for your skill set. This is because you handicap yourself with your insistence on using your favorite weapon, your unique troll-horn nunchaku!

As much as you practice with it, you cannot seem to get the hang of it. You whip and flail but always seem to injure yourself in the process. You're too stubborn to give it up though, especially when it's a weapon you made yourself after a harrowing incident.

You can also be a bit of a braggart - as such, you've taken up crafting hand-written letters detailing your exploits to random trolls. However you've found precious few trolls that are thrilled with your tales - most return your letters covered in spit, torn up or otherwise defaced unpleasantly. While it's sad that these penned letters come back without making any pals, you continue the habit, worried that it has become something of a fetish.

Your trolltag is abundantCacoethes and you tend to knxck oxt randxm lettxrs with an "X".

Name meaningEdit

Mierfa is a change in Mirfak, which is the brightest star in the Perseus Constellation. Mirfak also means "elbow", a slight reference to her elbow-bent horns.

Durgas is from Durga, a Hindu goddess most notable for her slaying of demons and monsters.