Cuvros Vorona

Cuvros Vorona

Cuvros Vorona (prospit)


7.5 Alternian solar sweeps (16.25 human years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

Precedes each line with a quotation mark and a less-than sign to resemble a cawing bird ("<)



Strife Specibi



Lynkas Musang - Matesprit
Crowdad - Lusus

Introduction Edit

Cuvros Vorona, also known by his Trollian handle capaciousTinkerer, is one of the trolls and one of a group of 10 that would enter the medium in a session separate from that of the Hivebent cast. His associated sign is Corvus.

His name comes directly from the constellation of his sign, as 'Cuvros' is merely 'Corvus' with the middle consonants switched. Vorona is Russian for crow.

Cuvros's lusus is a large white crow affectionately dubbed "Crowdad". It generally spends its time flying around Cuvros's hive and finding food for them both. It seems to display at least some manner of intelligence, as it is able to recognize whatever activity Cuvros is currently involved in and react accordingly.

Personality Edit

Cuvros is a very easygoing troll, who does all he can to remain in the good favor of his friends. While this generally isn't necessary, he still donates some of the things he creates as gifts. He is probably one of the few of his friends who is at all observant of the hemospectrum, which may have something to do with his self-worth issues as he is of the lowest caste.

Cuvros enjoys spending his time enveloped in a number of activities, including cooking, botany, robotics, and gaming, though he has never really progressed much more than amateur level in each field.


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