LazDoxyStuck SessionEdit

The "LazDoxyStuck Session" is an RP currently being undertaken by Gancolt the Grey (AKA Lazuras "Laz" Lefure), and Paradoxyintent (AKA Doxy).

The session revolves around a few separate timelines:

  • The Beta Earth Session (4 Players)
  • The Beta Alternia Session (12 Players)
  • The Alpha Earth Session (4 Players)
  • The Alpha Beforus Session (12 Players)
  • The Alternian Ancestor Session (12 Characters)

Each of these sessions are played out by Laz and Doxy via Skype and Pesterchum. As each of the characters gets sprited, or art is made for them, they will be posted to this session's tag.

The Beta Earth SessionEdit

This session revolves around 4 kids (who look suspiciously like the Alpha guardians...) playing SBURB, while being assisted by the 12 Beta trolls. There's no solidified timeline for this session yet, but Laz and Doxy are working on some pieces of information.

Beta Kids
Name Chumhandle Title Land Patron Troll
Andy Mitras psychologicalVictim Mage of Space Land of Fog and Lakes Varlux Nalsor
Anne Gloria dreamingDynamo Knight of Breath Land of Drought and Breeze Tannis Risden
Greg Alvain ticktockTimer Heir of Mind Land of Gears and Lightning Naiviv Curena
Vale Rickhe blacklistedFirefly Seer of Time Land of Haze and Snow Yriade Slythe
  • Anne GloriaGo to dreamingDynamo
  • Andy MitrasGo to psychologicalVictim
  • Vale RichkeGo to blacklistedFirefly

The Beta Alternia SessionEdit

This session revolves around the civil war being headed up by each of the seadwellers. One side wants to fight for the hemospectrum, and for his intended matesprit, and the other side is fighting against the hemospectrum and wants her freedom from the palace and its rules.

Their fight was eventually taken to SGRUB, where they tried to play the game as well as one-up one another.

Beta Trolls
Name Trollian Handle Team Title Land
Eteran Dracos fabledFirebreather Red Knight of Flame Land of Heat and Blood
Dynier Valiet siegeEgoist Blue Martyr of Heart Land of Mountains and Solitude
Varlux Nalsor norvigicusRattus Red Mage of Mind

Land of Books and Nightmares

Arienn Finnek hoofbeastFeathers Red Seer of Space Land of Frost and Diamonds
Morria Tretan rampagingSilence Blue Witch of Pride Land of Dojos and Tea
Liraun Unaret tacticalTiger Red Thief of Form Land of Clay and Light
Yriade Slythe serpentineSavior Blue Seer of Void Land of Mazes and Shade
Tannis Risden bestinShow Red Knight of Flesh Land of Fireworks and Rings
Kyenne Holden azureArticifer Blue Heir of Time Land of Platinum and Clockwork
Loodir Alovar trickieChickie Blue Page of Thought Land of Surf and Thought
Naiviv Curena oxygenatedCruelty Red (Captain) Sylph of Hope Land of Shipwrecks and Gardens
Dictus Neoras caesarsTyranny Blue (Captain) Prince of Rage Land of Stags and Spires
  • Naiviv CurenaGo to Naiviv Curena

The Alpha Earth SessionEdit

This session revolves around 4 other kids (who look suspiciously like the Beta guardians...) playing SBURB Alpha. Their session will most likely coincide with the Beta session.

Alpha Kids
Name Chumhandle Title Land Patron Troll
Scot Gloria artisticSleight Thief of Void Land of Tricks and Gold Vankli Slythe
Ryan Mitras tamedPsychosis Prince of Life Land of Decay and Renewal Banlim Tretan
Tara Alvain monetaryMomento Rogue of Doom Land of Shade and Puzzles Iljaur Unaret
Myst Richke gamingClassy Page of heart Land of Light and Despair Zaelon Alovar

The Alpha Beforus SessionEdit

This session doesn't have a defined theme yet, but details are being added as we speak.

Alpha Trolls
Name Trollian Handle Title Land
Urquon Dracos roastingFlesh Heir of Flame The Land of Heat and Solitude
Pratex Valiet pramourCavalier Seer of Heart The Land of Paper and Trials
Kellen Nalsor defensiveVermin Knight of Mind Land of Towers and Colors
Widari Finnek darkenedSkies Maid of Space Land of Night and Rain
Iljaur Unaret nullifiedDiscretion Witch of Form The Land of Drink and Indescretion
Banilm Tretan starcrossedNightingale Princess of Pride Land of Honor and Heart
Vankli Slythe silverSerpent Speaker of Void The Land of Courts and Deception
Gienre Risden proudFisticuffs Rogue of Flesh Land of Glory and Prize
Altair Holden gearsTurning Seer of Time Land of Clockwork and Gears
Zaelon Alovar balancedMind Mage of Thought The Land of Zen and Graves
Senris Curena waterloggedLawbooks Heir of Hope Land of Justice and Gavels
Brutax Neoras unrelentingPower Knight of Rage The Land of Kings and Frost

The Alternian Ancestor SessionEdit

This isn't so much a "session" as it is a huge part of Alternian history in the LazDoxyStuck universe. This part of history revolves around the post-scratch Beforan trolls and their roles in defining the Beta trolls futures.

The largest part of the story revolves around a troll who was dubbed The Carnifex, or the "butcher". A mutant-blooded troll who killed and devoured his victims. He was hunted down by The Enforcer, a purple-blooded seadweller, and a team of other trolls she put together into a task force meant to stop him.

The story branches out into each of the character's roles in the Carnifex Case, which had many factors that would help define Alternian history, as well as attitudes towards the hemospectrum.

Alternian Ancestors
Title Role
The Carnifex

Murderer who terrorized the Captial City of Alternia for a number of sweeps. Engaged in a kismisitude with The Enforcer.

The Scribbler Writer who helped revolutionize the way people thought about the hemospectrum. Also gave The Carnifex the idea for his mudering MO. Got his hands cut off by The Enforcer after the Carnifex Case was over because he wrote a book detailing their relationship and details about the case the public was not meant to know.
The Banneret Second in command of the task force started by the Enforcer. Eventualy became Enforcer when the previous one stepped down.
The Deceived Blind Psiioniic who accidentally assisted the Carnifex. Helped to capture him by identifying his voice. Had a matespritship with The Slattern.
The Slattern Midblood prositute that used her position to blackmail trolls higher on the hemospectrum than her. Brought to the task force by The Enforcer who valued her information-gathering skills. Would protect and eventually develop flushed feelings for The Deceived.
The Apostate A midblood troll who used to be a maid for a highblood family. The Carnifex broke into her hive and threatened her if she didn't let him stay there. She developed flushed feelings for him after he voiced all the negative emotions about highbloods she'd been too scared to voice herself.
The Desirous A politician who tried to get The Enforcer's job by undermining her authority and making her look incompetent. Eventually discovered trying to interrogate The Apostate in order to catch the Carnifex herself, and was brought before The Emporer, made to confess, then cast out of the Captial City.
The Pugilist An infamous prize-fighter in well-known circles, The Pugilist was one to fight for fame and fortune, but not honor. The Banneret was actually quite impressed with her fighting skills, and brought her into the task force. She would become Banneret after The Enforcer stepped down.
The Mechanic A quiet troll, he worked for the Royal Alternian Police Force (RAPF), making them clockwork vehicles and weapons. After the death of his dearest friend, The Casualty, he locked himself in his workshop, and stayed there. He only opened the door to The Enforcer, who asked that he be left to his grieving. He never did get over the death of his friend.
The Casualty A former subjugulator, The Casualty walked a path of peace. He was good friends with The Mechanic. Once he heard about The Carnifex, he went out to go and speak to the troll about changing his ways and turning himself in. The Carnifex killed him for his trouble. This was the murder that finally got The Enforcer the backing she needed to really get the case moving.
The Enforcer The Enforcer was the leader of the RAPF, similar to the chief of police. She fought long and hard to take The Carnifex down, despite other trolls saying she only had the job because she was a highblood and the Emporer's matesprit. She would take down The Carnifex, and consumate their Blackrom before he was executed. She would retire after the case was over, handing the reins to The Banneret. She lived out the rest of her life quietly in the palace.
The Emporer The Emporer was the leader of all Alternia. He lived in the Imperial Palace in the Capital City. He was matesprits with The Enforcer. During the Carnifex Case, he was persuaded by The Desirous to not give The Enforcer the means to help catch the murder, under the impression that the Captial couldn't afford it. After her treachery was brought to light, he had her exiled, and aplogized profusely to The Enforcer. His relationship with her was what lead to Mr. Bubbles and Buffamom to make their arrangement with Naiviv and Dictus.

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