All the trolls and humans in my (Totally Not Superman) session. 

The CircumstancesEdit

In this session, the trolls, on a colonized planet called Oclarvis, stumbled upon an ancient server. This server had a version of the game Sgrub, and a note telling the trolls to gain contact with the people of Earth via program called Trollian. They did as they were told, meeting a group of humans online. When the humans revealed that they had copies of a game called Sburb, which was compatible with Sgrub, the trolls and humans decided to form a session together. This session has six humans and nineteen Oclarvican trolls, for a total of twenty five players. 

It should be noted that the events in this session happen parallel in time to the post-Scratch session of Homestuck. Oclarvis was one of the planets colonized by the Alternian trolls.

Specifics About The SessionEdit


All the consorts in the session are arthropods, the group of animals including trilobites, scorpions, spiders, centipedes, and insects. 


All of the Denizens in the session are figures from Celtic myth. 


Name Pesterchum/Trollian Blood Color God Tier
Pagnus Paynimry normalcyPesticide Candy Red Mage of Hope

Ninda Phegor


Burgundy Maid of Void
Eunila Ziennu deteriorateSignificance Bronze Heir of Light
Assiel Rine docileIntellectual Bronze Muse of Time
Azra Dwarn volatileDominance Ochre Thief of Mind
Ialist Fielce


Ochre Bard of Heart
Jielle Phrote inculpableMatchmaker Lime Seer of Blood
Lurra Cerde groundedExperimentor Olive Mage of Breath
Gulla Elzebub convivalCelebrator Olive Sylph of Breath
Kiez Strast swirlingTempest Jade Sylph of Heart
Giolth Shresu amiableLeviathan Jade Knight of Doom
Nexine Ance philistineNescience Teal Page of Hope
Serian Ance pompousHubris Teal Lord of Rage
Camrel Ruge goddessComplex Cerulean Seer of Space
Mizell Lerius arduousAffection Cerulean Knight of Void
Drellis Eeraun levelheadedMarksman Indigo Prince of Light
Ira Nomatan invariableVengeance Indigo Heir of Rage
Ixel Alium famishedFeline Purple Maid of Life
Valith Migruh mercilessPotentate Magenta Muse of Rage
Osiden Asa veraciousAngler Magenta Rogue of Time
Sivex Theal aureateAnodized Fuschia Thief of Light
Dyre Olina ocularConfectionary Human Witch of Blood
Alex Becker genderOmitted Human Rogue of Heart
Noah Anderson overmodestWordsmith Human Prince of Doom
Hiro Fuzuki demiurgicArtist Human Page of Space
Amber Dexter avianDelirium Human Witch of Mind
Julius Dorail cataclysmicToxoid Human Bard of Life
Namar Qasim liberatedVisionary Human Lord of Breath

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