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Armant Erebus

Armant (Casual)

Armant (Monocle)

Armant (Dream)

Armant (God Tier)

ɯhat thɘ hɘll is ɯrong ɯith you?


7 sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

Replaces "E", "W" and "e" with turned and twisted ɘ's

Strife Specibi


Be the ex-canon fantroll

Your name is ARMANT EREBUS, and you are feeling DOOMED.

You are seven sweeps old and a member of the SEA DWELLER ROYALTY – as signified by your CLASSY MONOCLE. You like to READ because you have an obsession with words, especially those prefixed with the letter “e”. Besides that, you also WRITE and READ ALOUD to your MONOHORNED HOOFBEAST lusus. On the other hand, he tends to leave when you do so. But you don't care.

You hope to become a SCRIBECUTIONER some day, as you have a keen interest in ARGUING and seeking RIGHTFULNESS. When you argue you tend to WREAK HAVOC and you've never regretted it, except in the case of your VINTAGE MONOCLE.

You sign means – at least to yourself – CHAOS. You've often drawn connections between said symbol and your lusus's HORNS. You credit having the chaotic sigil with your FRUSTRATION, hence your Trollian handle.

Speaking of which, your Trollian handle is trothlessGustier and you spɘak ɯith thɘ lɘttɘr that you think is thɘ most chaotic.


  • Armant: A name which means noble warrior or high ranking with teutonic, latin and hebrew roots.
  • Erebus: Name of the god of darkness, and the son of chaos.
  • His quirk mainly roots from his adoration of the letter "E" as it is the first letter of his last name, thus why he uses turned and twisted E's in place of M's and W's.
  • His symbol is a take on the letter "E" shaped into a triangle with jagged edges, displaying both his adoration for the letter along with his chaotic definition.